IT Managed Services Sydney

Here at Zectron, we understand that running a small business At Zectron, we are experienced leading providers of managed IT services. We’re a small team and proudly professional managed services provider with a range of clients from small Sydney businesses to Corporations.

We know that success (for you and us) is driven by our focus on your business needs.

Key to this success is not just a service desk or desktop support, we understand that your business objectives mean that you need business continuity.

Small Business IT Solutions Sydney

We have experience offering IT managed services across a diverse range of industries. Our technicians are passionate about helping businesses improve operations through seamless support and All businesses want IT systems that cause minimal fuss, minimal downtime. No business wants an in house dedicated IT team. Frankly most businesses, especially small and medium-sized operations they just don’t need a dedicated team.

We have found that some small businesses are concerned by the idea of managed IT services because the pricing model is usually a monthly or quarterly subscription.

Smart business owners ask questions like –

“Why do I need to pay for it if I never need help?”

The very magic of proactive management who minimises your need for help, especially in a hurry.

Your business, your managers, and your end users get an expert who is incentivised to treat your IT Resources as mission critical. Zectron’s goal is to maximise your uptime, enable your staff to work efficiently and therefore increase productivity.

Do you need a “dedicated IT team”?

With the resources our toolkit even large businesses in Sydney, and multi-nationals with large offices in Sydney can operate without the need for a dedicated team.

For a fraction of the cost of an IT team you can have the machines and software solutions your users rely on every day cared for by our team.

Our Proactive Management includes

  • System Upgrades (software and hardware)
  • Private Cloud and Cloud Computing (Microsoft Office 365 or Google’s G-Suite)
  • Email Security

Still not convinced? Got an urgent problem?

It is a simple choice, but of course, this choice will impact your budget and most importantly it will impact your time.

Would you rather…

  • a bargain service that fixes broken computers quickly, or
  • a proactive approach that means makes hassle free, and outage free operational efficiency one of your business goals?

IT Systems Specialist & Personal Service

We specialise in the latter: Proactive Managed IT Services. As a result, our IT services focus on these core pillars:-

  1. Clear understanding of the business goals.
  2. Minimise downtime for business operations.
  3. Strong focus on latest technology, in a practical and pragmatic way.
  4. Risk Management of your existing and planned IT resources
  5. Time. Our proactively managed clients rarely need urgent help, that’s the point, but if anything goes awry they’re always first in the queue.

How do we do it?

Many years of experience delivering technical support we have developed a robust mix of management skills and technical tools to deliver upon the promise. Our competitive edge is the combination of the pragmatic approach of our account managers and the following tools:-

Help Desk Service

Featuring a ticketing system, our IT support team can help resolve any issues as they come up. Our responsive help desk team is efficient at finding solutions and solving problems no matter where they occur or when. We help businesses operate more efficiently.

Upgrades and migration

As technologies and infrastructure change and adapt, so do the needs of our clients. Our IT experts can help you upgrade old systems and migrate from one application to the next, including cloud migration. We minimise downtime and get you back up and running as fast as possible once your systems are up to date.

Network and servers

Through performance analysis and threat detection, we can keep your network and servers up and running protect you against threats and tune servers for peak performance. With years of industry experience, we support Sydney business teams stay online and up to date.

IT security

Your network and systems will constantly need attention to keep them secure from threats. We understand how important your data is to you. That is why we can deliver the expertise needed to keep your business secure.

Cloud, data and backup support

From cloud storage to server backups, we can help your business find peace of mind with our safety nets designed to keep things from getting lost or corrupted. Choose Zectron today for all your data and support solutions.

What to ask Managed Service Providers

Whether or not you have a Sydney Office here are ten questions you need to ask a managed service provider before you hire them to provide you and your team with support services.

  1. If you need to go onsite in Sydney or elsewhere in New South Wales what if any limits apply?
  2. Do you have support services that scale as business needs change?
  3. What training do you provide for users to get technical support?
  4. What is the monthly (or quarterly) cost for the Manage IT Service?
  5. What exclusions apply? What technology options or infrastructure changes will change our plan?
  6. Does the management fee include scope for onboarding or is it all built-in?
  7. Do you have testimonials from Sydney or New South Wales businesses that have switched to your managed services?
  8. Did they document your business needs to measure success?
  9. Who is (or will be) my account manager or project managers?
  10. Are you Australian owned?
  11. Can you help me with “digital transformation”?

Did you notice is was 11 questions, not 10? That’s our approach, over deliver and give you something useful.

This isn’t an exhaustive list but armed with these questions, even if you don’t talk to us (you definitely should) then you will be more likely to fund the perfect combination of

  • best solution
  • great service
  • cost effective

Contact an IT Managed Service Provider aligned with your Business Objectives.

As one of the leading IT managed service providers in Sydney, we can help businesses across a wide range of IT solutions. Choose one company for quality support and service. Contact us today on 1300 133 770 or complete the form on our Contact Us page.