Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs Sydney

When things go wrong, you need reliable PC Computer repairs in Sydney. Our team at Zectron, have years of experience working across all things IT. We work with customers and clients across a wide range of problems from a home laptop to a commercial office full of computers and systems.

What We Do

On-site computer service

Commercial or residential, we can help you with your IT problems. No matter the size or scope of the project we can come to you to help fix your issues. We have helped many residents and businesses with minor and major problems from network to hardware complications.

Laptop & Desktop Computer repair service

A laptop or computer can suddenly stop working without any indication of what the problem is. Our experts can analyse and assess the problem and find the best solution for you. From hardware to software problems, we can get your laptop or PC working again.

System and network service

Speed is critical for anyone using a computer or laptop. We can help improve your internet connection or device’s speed if either of these are causing you a problem. Upgrade your home or business’s performance today with Zectron.

Virus and spyware service

Homeowners and business owners suffer from viruses and spyware all the time. Your data and security are yours alone. Whether it is a routine spot check or you believe something is critically wrong, we can secure your device and remove any unwanted viruses and spyware.

Hardware service

PC repairs and hardware replacement in Sydney just got easier with Zectron. Do you need a new GPU, CPU or more RAM? We stock hardware for all types of systems for when you need to replace or upgrade your existing laptop or computer.

Data service (back, lost, deleted files)

Digital files can often be lost, corrupted, or deleted. They can be hard to recover or find again. Our specialists can help you recover lost files using advanced software and strategies that are proven to recover even the hardest files.

Choose Us For Your Computer Repairs in Sydney

Trained specialists

Our strength is in our IT technicians who have years of experience and specialisation. While years of expertise is one thing, we also understand that not everyone gets IT. Our team are also specialists at helping you understand your problems with easy to understand language and guidance.

On-time and reliable

When something goes wrong you need the reassurance that we can help in a timely manner. Our technicians will assess the problem and give you a reliable estimated timeline. Whether you are waiting for your laptop or we are on-site with your computer, you can rely on us.

Remote support

There are times when we cannot come to you or you cannot come to us. That is why we offer remote support to fill this gap. Whether it is something simple like a lost file or a complicate IT issue — our team of experts can help your resolve the problem.

Choose Zectron For Your PC Repairs

When you need computer repairs, think Zectron for all your computer and PC related issues. We have helped many residents and businesses in Sydney. Contact us today on 1300 133 770 or send us an email at info@zectron.com.au.