What is Zectron Web & IT IaaS?

Regardless of how much infrastructure you’re moving to the cloud, and how much you are keeping on premise, getting everything set up and operational takes time, expertise and potentially, a great deal of patience.

With Zectron Web & IT IaaS, you can outsource the entire set-up, maintenance and management, and let the experienced team at Zectron Web & IT take care of it all for you. We can get you up and running in the secure Zectron Web & IT hosted cloud, buy your servers on your behalf, purchase and implement your software licenses, purchase and configure your network equipment, and negotiate the right data centre space to suit your needs.

How does it work?

Zectron Web & IT’s IaaS is a fully-outsourced and customised computing infrastructure for your business. The experienced team at Zectron Web & IT will work with you from the outset to determine your specific needs, examine your existing infrastructure, and put together a plan for the future.

If you wish to transition any aspects of your business to the cloud, you can take advantage of our fully managed Zectron Web & IT private cloud service. We manage above the hypervisor level, but can also take care of your operating system and native applications through our managed service offering. The Zectron Web & IT private cloud can also help you protect your workplace against data loss and extended downtime, with integrated backup-restore and replicate-recover features.

When you choose the Zectron Web & IT IaaS, you are also hosting your IT applications and business data on a private cloud: a professionally managed, secure environment that doesn’t compromise on the user experience.

Why choose Zectron Web & IT?

We can add value to your business by providing

  • The highest levels of industry accreditation. We have received accreditation from a range of the world’s top cloud vendors, including Microsoft, HPE, Veeam, Cisco, EMC, VMware,CommVault and more.
  • Completely customised solutions. You gain the ability to select your processors, memory, operating system, backup needs, capacity and type of storage required for the proposed server.
  • Secure carrier-grade data centre facilities. across Australia, as well as state-of-the-art storage platforms.
  • High level security and reliability. We offer market-leading multi-tiered firewalls, fully redundant network connectivity with hardware load balancing; highly secure server and network isolation and segmentation; dedicated Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Complete outsourced management. This includes low cost, pay-by-the-month fees, and a utility computing service and billing model.

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